The PhD program in Innovative Technologies and Products for Health is structured into two curricula: Health Products (pharmaceutical-biotechnological area) and Health Technologies (medical-surgical area), with the sole purpose of promoting the design of innovative products and technologies for human and animal health.

Doctoral researchers will be trained to conduct cross-disciplinary research in the field of health products, drug development, and medical and surgical technologies, ranging from therapies to biomarkers and from nanomedicine to artificial intelligence applied to therapeutic, diagnostic, and theranostic systems.

Special attention is dedicated to developing skills that span from design to synthesis and pharmaceutical analysis, from the delivery of synthetic and biotechnological drugs to preclinical application aspects (in silico, in vitro, and in vivo), as well as skills in industrial transfer and regulatory aspects.

In addition to the technological aspect, specific skills are present in the field of clinical transfer and the preclinical phase, with particular attention to diseases of great impact and health interest: chronic diseases with an inflammatory, immunomediated, degenerative, or oncological basis, infectious diseases, and genetic and rare diseases. Other important aspects of the clinical realm include the development of innovative diagnostic and therapeutic techniques ranging from the experimentation of non-invasive methods to robotic surgery.

Regarding the application of artificial intelligence, the main aim will be to provide knowledge regarding the use of AI technologies in the field of drugs and health, building upon previous experience in the anesthesiology field in cardiothoracic surgery, to activate a broader network of interactions that include the pharmaceutical and biotechnological sectors, ensuring the continuous presence of doctoral students at their headquarters as part of the internationalization of the doctoral program.

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